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Tattoo Ticket

£10.00 - £100.00
Tattoo Ticket

⚫ New Tattoo Ticket ⚫

When someone comes to me and asks if they can get some of my work tattooed, I am BEYOND flattered and heartened that they've asked my permission first! Not to mention I always say yes and in return, ask that credit is given to me, the original artist. It is so exciting seeing how tattoo artists interpret my work in their own amazing styles!

Inspired by Artist Frances Cannon, if you love my work enough to have it on you forever, you can show your appreciation by paying for the original artwork design and my consent to have a Little Dot Creation reworked as a tattoo!

There is no set price, you can choose from the drop down menu to pay what you think it is worth. You can then also let your tattoo artist know that you have permission from the original artist.

In return, please send photos of your finished inky masterpiece and don't forget to credit the original artist!

Thank you 😚